Workscape:New Spaces For New work 工作景观

聪明的,有时甚至是惊人的,这些新空间推动工作,创造力和协作的新形势。我们的工作方式正在经历根本改变。由于全球化和数字以及企业文化,协作方法、工作程序和分层结构的演变,一系列新的机遇为雇主和雇员展开。然而,这些有前途的发展潜力给我们工作场所的建筑带来了重大挑战—以及想利用它们的人。《工作景观》揭示了我们的工作世界的建筑是变化的,以适应这些新的发展。这本书有来自世界著名建筑师的精选例子,这些建筑师在为大型革新企业实施项目进行的同时推动建筑学和美学边界。这些包括oMA /雷姆·库哈斯对在香港的麦肯锡公司,迈耶·

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ISBN编号: 9783899554953;出版时间: 2013.08.25;出版社: Gestalten;页数: 256;版次印次: 第一版;开本: 16开;装帧: 精装;副书名: 工作景观;正文语种: 英语

Clever and sometimes even breathtaking, these new spaces promote new forms of work, creativity, and collaboration. The way we work is currently undergoing fundamental changes. Thanks to globalization and digitalization on the one hand and evolving corporate cultures, collaboration methods, working procedures, and hierarchical structures on the other, a range of new opportunities are opening up for both employers and employees. These promising possibilities, however, bring along significant challenges for the architecture of our workplaces --and those who would like to use them. Workscape reveals how the architecture of our working world is changing to keep up with these new developments. The book features an outstanding selection of examples from world-famous architects who are implementing projects for large, innovative firms, and pushing architectonic and aesthetic boundaries in the process. These include oMA / Rem Koolhaas for McKinsey & Company in Hong Kong, Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle for the Urban Outfitters' campus in Philadelphia, Hofman Dujardin Architects for eneco's headquarters in Rotterdam, and 3Xn for saxo Bank in Copenhagen. This comprehensive survey showcases individual workplaces from executive suites to open-plan offices as well as conference rooms, spaces that facilitate teamwork, representative foyers, and functional surfaces. The book includes key locations for the more informal exchange of information including kitchenettes, lounges, and break rooms. In addition to documenting working environments, Workscape also explores unconventional parameters that can make a workplace more attractive and that reflect new developments in the business world such as company-run childcare facilities, lunchrooms serving organic food, and corporate parking lots with charging stations for electric vehicles. Workscape features compelling examples from global corporations, innovative medium-sized enterprises, and small creative studios. The book even includes extensive documentation of the specific features of temporary structures such as incubators for start-ups or co-working spaces for freelancers. Its thought-provoking overview of working environments for today and tomorrow makes Workscape an invaluable reference for architects, interior designers, and product designers as well as companies and employees who are looking to redefine their workplaces, impress their partners and clients, and inspire their staff.

聪明的,有时甚至是惊人的,这些新空间推动工作,创造力和协作的新形势。我们的工作方式正在经历根本改变。由于全球化和数字以及企业文化,协作方法、工作程序和分层结构的演变,一系列新的机遇为雇主和雇员展开。然而,这些有前途的发展潜力给我们工作场所的建筑带来了重大挑战—以及想利用它们的人。《工作景观》揭示了我们的工作世界的建筑是变化的,以适应这些新的发展。这本书有来自世界著名建筑师的精选例子,这些建筑师在为大型革新企业实施项目进行的同时推动建筑学和美学边界。这些包括oMA /雷姆·库哈斯对在香港的麦肯锡公司,迈耶·谢勒& 罗卡斯尔在费城的城市旅行的校园,霍夫曼·杜亚丁建筑师对eneco在鹿特丹港市的总部,以及3xn在哥本哈根的丹麦盛宝银行。这个综合调查显示个人工作场所从行政套房,到开放式办公室和会议室,促进团队合作的空间,代表性休息室,和表面功能。这本书包括关键位置的更多的非正式的信息交流包括小型厨房,娱乐室,休息室。除了记录工作环境,《工作景观》还探讨了可以使工作更有吸引力的非常规参量,这反映了在商业世界的新发展,如该公司办的托儿设施,餐厅提供有机食品,和公司停车场与电动汽车充电站。《工作景观》突出的引人注目的列证有全球企业,创新型中小企业和小型创意工作室。这本书甚至包括临时建筑具体特性的详尽文档,如自由职业者的创业或联合办公区的育成中心。其关于当今和未来的工作环境的发人深省的概述,使得《工作景观》对试图重新定义他们的工作场所,打动他们的合作伙伴和客户,并激励他们的员工的建筑师、室内设计师、产品设计师以及公司和员工来说成为无价之宝。